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Mandatory Background Checks & Trainings

All volunteers on the field coaching and working directly with players must:

      1. Be registered, background checked and Safe Sport trained through USA Softball;
      2. Maintain a valid certificate of training on concussions through an approved agency; and
      3. Complete a Live Scan and California Volunteer Mandated Reporter training as required by California Assembly Bill 506.
USA Softball Registration, Background Checks & Safe Sport Training

LCBSA will register all coaches with USA Softball.  Upon registration, coaches will be prompted by a USA Softball email to create an account (or log-in to existing accounts).  The log in page to USA Softball's site is here:

Once inside his or her account, the coach must visit their "home plate" page, where they will find information about their account and mandatory registration steps.  They must first authorize a background check.  Do not pay for the background check.  This will be ordered in advance and should show as simply needing the coach's authorization.

After authorizing the background check, the coach must complete Safe Sport training.  The coach will be directed to that site from the Sport Sport tab within the "home plate" page of their USA Softball account page. The Safe Sport training varies year-to-year, and some years are shorter when a coach is only required to "retrain."  Once the Safe Sport training is complete, the "home plate" page on the coach's USA Softball account will update automatically.  There is no need to print a certificate of completion to provide to the league.

Concussion Training

Coaches must visit an approved agency to receive concussion training.  These trainings are generally provided online at no cost to coaches, and the certificates are valid for two (2) years.  Coaches must provide their certificate of completion of the training to the General Manager or an appropriate Softball Board Member.   Below are approved agencies/trainings:

State of California Mandated Live Scan & Training

The State of California mandates all volunteers to comply with AB 506.  The law requires all volunteers undergo a fingerprint background check and a mandatory online training.

Fingerprint Background Checks (Live Scan) - LCBSA will provide volunteers a Live Scan Service form pre-filled with important information  about LCBSA (including the organization code assigned to LCBSA by the Department of Justice).  You can find the form here:  This form must be taken to a Live Scan location with a valid I.D. to complete the process for a small fee, generally around $30.  LCBSA will endeavor to provide preseason clinics to allow coaches to be Live Scanned, but the responsibility to complete this training will ultimately rest with each volunteer.

Online Training - Volunteers must complete the AB 506 online training.  It is a short video presentation and test.  Volunteers must complete the training and provide their certificate of completion to their General Manager or an appropriate Softball Board Member.  The training can be found online here:


Coaching Resources

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